The Schools Enterprise Association (SEA) is an independent national members’ organisation founded to provide support and guidance for representatives of the school’s management team responsible for generating additional revenue through the commercial letting of schools’ facilities.

Members elect a Committee, normally annually, who are responsible for providing direction and oversight of the association.

Membership of the SEA is applied for under the name of the member school and membership benefits are extended within the organisation to relevant members of the management team, including, but not limited to:

  • Bursars
  • Domestic Bursars
  • Enterprise Managers
  • Business/Business Development Managers
  • Commercial Managers
  • Lettings Managers

The Schools Enterprise Association was established to:

  • Provide members’ representatives with the professional support they need to successfully manage their commercial lettings’ business alongside the school’s core remit of providing a world class education to the school’s pupils.
  • Offer specialist advice and guidance services online, over the phone and in person at networking meetings, professional development events and an annual conference.
  • Work closely with other associations representing this sector, as well as professional advisers to the independent school sector ensuring that member schools have access to the very best information and guidance available in the marketplace.

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