About us

The Schools’ Enterprise Association provides professional support and guidance to schools’ enterprise teams responsible for the commercial and lettings activity of the school.

Professional development

Offering a space for professional development, learning and growth in this emerging discipline in the UK’s schools, the SEA is an independent members’ association that grew out of a demand from leading schools’ commercial and enterprise managers looking to drive best practice throughout the sector.

Driving additional revenue by optimising the use of schools’ unique facilities and infrastructure is the core focus of the enterprise teams. The teams tasked with delivering this revenue injection find the networking and learning opportunities offered by the Schools’ Enterprise Association invaluable as they negotiate the inevitable challenges between the schools’ educational and co-curricular demands on the schools’ facilities and the need to fill redundant space with high-value returns from lets.

Member benefits

The SEA offers members a range of membership benefits, which include networking and learning opportunities through events each term and an annual conference and exhibition, professional development, access to best practice examples, master documentation and case studies.

Industry opinion is shaped by the thought leaders in the enterprise divisions of some of the country’s most forward-thinking schools and shared amongst members who have more recently focused on developing the enterprise revenue stream and optimising the use of their facilities.

The SEA Committee

The SEA Committee is normally elected in the Spring term by members. The Committee stands for a minimum one-year term and consists of between 4 and 6 members. The Chair is appointed by the Committee and a Deputy Chair and Treasurer are appointed by the Chair. The Committee meets once a term and submits an annual review to the Association Annual General Meeting held in the Spring term.